Pressurizing More Than One System

It is possible to use one Axiom system feeder to serve more than one closed system. The fluid in the feeder must obviously be compatible with each of the connected systems.For SF series feeders simply tee off the feeder outlet to each of the systems to be served. If the required cold fill pressure in each of the systems is the same, install check valves to isolate the systems from each other. If different cold fill pressures are required, use fill valves that incorporate an integral check feature to allow the fill pressure for each system to be set independently. Adjust the regulator on the SF unit to about 5 psi higher than the highest fill pressure required in any of the connected systems.

The same applies for the MF series feeder. However, we recommend the addition of a small 2.0 gallon pre-charged expansion tank downstream of the feeder to prevent the pump from short-cycling. Remember that the maximum pressure setting on the MF series units is about 25 psig.

For proper operation, the fill connection to each individual system should be made at the same point as each system's own expansion tank.